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City of Canton903-567-6556
The Lewis Group903-567-3037
Canton Marketplace903-567-7772
Curry’s Trade Grounds (Dog Alley)903-567-6197
Old Mill Marketplace and The Mountain903-567-5445
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"ShopFirstMondayCanton.com" is the 24/7 online site to locate the “First Monday Trade Days” vendors and the merchants of Canton, Texas who are selling your favorite goodies and stuff.

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Mill Creek Ranch Resort
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First Monday Trade Days, Canton, Texas is the "Grand Daddy" of all Flea Markets and has been so for over 160 years. This means First Monday Trade Days, Canton has really grown over the years and that means it's a really big place with hundreds of Vendors!

This website is a directory of our First Monday Trade Days, Canton family of Vendors & Merchants who have chosen to advertise with us and sponsors of our efforts to make your visit to First Monday Trade Days, Canton easier to get around and hopefully more enjoyable. We believe this website will be your favorite guide every time you visit First Monday Trade Days and more.

When using Mobile Devices - Lock your device's rotation for portrait viewing, Click/Tap a building or its name and a floor plan of the building will appear. While viewing a building's floor plan place your finger tip in the middle of the floor plan to move it around. Also, while viewing a building's floor plan all highlighted Vendor spaces are occupied by Vendors who advertise with us.

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  • Ariel View Of

    First Monday Trade Days
    Canton, TX
  • Dana Dickinson Jewelry

    Visit us in Arbor 1
    Sterling Silver Jewelry & Bronze
  • Mill Creek Ranch Resort
  • Indoor Shopping

  • Main Entrance

  • Open Air Shopping
  • Canton, Texas

    In the Beginning

  • Open Air Shopping
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