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Hello! We hope you're having a good day. And... "Thank You" for taking the time to read our terms and policies.

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Why should I read this?

Yeah, we know you have most likely seen something like this on just about every website you've visited or every mobile application you've used. Though... you may not have seen anything like this if you do not or have not read and understood a website's or an application's terms and policies. Which means, if you are like some of us, you just clicked "Accept", "Ok", or "Got It" or whatever buttons that are there just to close the annoyance and move on without reading anything. We understand and would again definitely like to "Thank You" for taking the time to read our policies and terms.

Well, our website isn’t going to be much different from all the other websites or applications you have visited or used. The reason behind all of this comes down to an individual's right to privacy, which we support and we’re no different from you, we like our privacy too. In the European Union (EU) there is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is just the first in what will become a series of laws throughout the world. California, USA has adopted the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

For our website visitors the main requirement of the GDPR and the CCPA is that website and mobile application owners must notify all users that cookies or privacy related terms and policies are in use on the website or within a mobile application. Which is why on practically every website you visit or mobile application you use there should be a notification regarding the use of cookies or other data gathering devices. This is not to say that all websites are in compliance with the GDPR or the CCPA. Nor, does it mean that all websites not in compliance are unsafe or that they may misuse any data. Some of us are just making certain we are in compliance with all laws.

As mentioned above you've probably done the same thing we may have..., just clicked your way through without reading anything about the website owner's use of your information. Clicking just to move on isn't really a good idea. By doing so you acknowledge and indicate that you have read and understand the terms and policies of the website.

Thereby, by having your agreement to and acknowledgment of the site or application's terms and policies you are giving consent for a website or application owner to collect and use your data as outlined in the terms and policies. That you understand how your data will or may be used. Remember it's your data and some website or application owner's may not use your data in accordance with how you think it will or may be used. (see what data do you collect? (1) see also Third Party Cookies (2))

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Shop First Monday (

Here we'll explain our business, why we use cookies and why you should care. So, let's identify what our organization is, what service(s) we provide, how our organization collects data and how our organization uses the incoming data.

What we are...

You might think of us as an online directory of small businesses. is an organization dedicated to providing internet visibility of and access to vendors and merchants who choose to be listed as a sponsor on's website's website is an online interactive directory of vendors and merchants who are entrepreneurial participants in a monthly event called "First Monday Canton Trade Days" (FMCTD). FMCTD is held in Canton, Texas, USA, beginning on the Thursday prior to the first Monday of any month.

How we get sponsors...

We perform an in-person interview with prospective and current clients in order to gather and agree to what data, personal or otherwise, will be displayed on the website. During the interview we explain our data gathering procedures and privacy policies.

With the exception of embedded Google Ads, all vendors or merchants displayed or shown on's website are active advertisers, sponsors or clients of or its affiliates.

What we are not...

Therefore, is not and will not be responsibile for any interaction(s) that may occur between a website visitor and a's website advertisor. Once an interaction between FMCTD members and shoppers has taken place all interactions from that point on become the sole responsibility of the FMCTD members or advertisors and's online shoppers.

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What we collect... (1)

Our data collection methods are not much different from any of the other websites you may have visited. We use a couple of methods to collect website usage data; one is analytical data collection via third party cookies and the other is through the use of our "Contact Us" form. By collecting website usage data we are able to analyze our website's performance. Therefore, through the use of third party cookies we're able to improve our website's functionality.

Our "Contact Us" form is the only "voluntary" data collection method being used on our website. The form requires a visitor to provide their email address and their first and last name. This is for the purpose of correspondance with one another, no other personally identifiable information is needed.

Why should you care? Data Collection - Voluntary & In-voluntary

Completing an Application

Completing an application is voluntary - our business model requires us to approach each prospective client in-person. An in-person interview is performed with each client where it is explained what we are, what information we may need for display on the website, and what personal data may be shared with our website visitors. We also explain how any or all data may be removed within the policies or laws regarding the safeguarding or removal of collected data.

Completing Webpage Form(s)

Voluntary website data collection - many website owners place various data entry forms on or throughout their websites so visitors may contact website owners or administrators. Completing a data entry form is generally a voluntary act on the part of a website visitor. A good example of this is the use of a "Contact Us" form. No one is compelled to complete most forms found on a website.

Our "Contact Us" Form

Our "Contact Us" form is the only form that actually exists on our website. If you choose to use the "Contact Us" form, you will encounter required fields. The fields are required only if, and only if, the form is used. The required fields are the "First & Last Name", the "Email Address" and why you're making a request. The name requirement just gives us a way of being cordial with the sender. The email address requirement is for the purpose of communication with each other. The inquiry field... well, if it's not completed how are we going to respond to any concern? This information remains on servers until the concern is either resolved, when a written request for removal is provided, or a period of 90 days has transpired without any contact between the parties. Again, this is the only form found on our website. (how long do you keep data? (3))

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Ok, what is In-voluntary data collection???


Almost from the very beginning of the electronic computing age cookies have been used for data collection. Today many websites may place cookies in the background of a visitor's browser. Most company's use the data to improve a website's capabilities and visitor experiences.

Cookies may be persistent or non-persistent. Their use is determined by what information is to be collected and how that information is to be used.

So, what is a cookie!?

Simply stated, a cookie is a small piece of code placed or stored in the background of a visitor's browser or in some cases their device. Some cookies may be persistent (they don't expire) and others maybe non-persistent (they expire).

Generally, most websites may use a non-persistent piece of code called a session id. The session id is a first party cookie that lets the website's server know whether or not this is a returning visitor.

Other cookies may be persistent. Some websites or companies who create or use device applications may place persistent cookies in the browser or in a device's background. Meaning that, if not deleted, this kind of cookie may continue to monitor your device's activities even when the browser, application or device is closed.

Persistent cookies allow for quicker responses of the website or application by reducing device data buffering time. Which means that an application or website's data buffering is nearly eliminated, thus, making the website or application's response time seem to be more instantaneous.

Third Party Cookies (2)

Along with the session id we make use of third party cookies i.e., Google Analytics and others to collect analytical data about our website's performance. By collecting, compiling and analyzing the website's performance data we're able to identify non-personal things like:

Terms of Service

By clicking the "Got It" button, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy regardless of whether or not you actually read this page.

You accept that some data may be collected through the use of first and/or third party cookies.

Further, you agree that should you voluntarily submit an inquiry using our "Contact Us" form that we may collect your first and last name and your email address. That we may use your name and email address for the purpose of corresponding to your inquiry.

Advertiser Interactions

Should you decide to use any link or follow any advertisement found on's website then you agree that from that point on all interactions will be solely between you and the advertiser or Google Ad sponsor, participant.

You further agree that any disputes that may arise regarding any data collected by third party cookies or Google Ads will be conducted between you the website visitor and the cookie or advertisement orginator i.e., Google Analytics, Google Ads.

Whereby, that upon receipt of your written request that shall in response provide any appropriate contact information to any or all third party cookie provider(s) and shall/will not be held as mediator or arbitrator, nor be held liable, nor held responsible for any unauthorized data collected by third party cookies.

Should a dispute arise between a website visitor and a vendor/merchant, will not act as mediator or arbitrator on behalf of either party. only provides a means of contact between website visitors and vendors/merchant who are generally participants of FMCTD.

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Explained

All personal data collected through the use of our "Contact Us" form is not only private but confidential. Under most conditions, no visitor or client's information may be divulged without the express written permission of an identified website visitor or client.

When Private is Not Private

At times there may be situations where we may have to refuse the removal of data. A refusal to remove data may arise where we may be required by local, national or international laws to hold data beyond any specified period(s). In such cases we will provide the requested information and, when allowed, will refer the website visitor to the authority where the hold request orginated.

Data Removal (3)

It is our policy to remove/delete any "Contact Us" data after a period of 90 days. Unless... the issue has been resolved before the 90 day period is over or a written request for deletion has been received before the end of the 90 day period, or unless, as explained above, a legal hold has been placed on the data.

Where the Data is Kept

All client applications (hard copy forms) are kept in physical filing cabinets in the offices of and are not kept on our website or on the servers of